This past weekend was perfection. It was absolutely everything that my introverted self needed to relax and recharge!

For starters, my best friend flew into town Thursday night. As soon as we got back from the airport, we stopped for food and then went to her favorite place for ice cream. (Confession: we visited this same ice cream place three times over the weekend. THREE. TIMES. I have no regrets.)

I turned off my alarm for Friday morning (for the first time in weeks!) so that we could sleep in and then we leisurely made our way into town for breakfast at one of my favorite spots. 20160701_102148-01.jpegIt’s not anything fancy, but they bake fresh bagels all day long and have AMAZING coffee. I got the Eggwich with provolone cheese on an asiago cheese bagel and then tried their Dutch Almond Pastry flavored coffee. Which was so incredible, I may have refilled my cup before leaving.



She loved it, too! Isn’t she a cutie? Her husband called to check up on her while we were chatting, so I snapped this candid.

We sat and chatted in this cafe for hours before leaving to stroll around the shops in town. There’s an adorable little bookshop here that I can spend hours in and I dragged her along with me. There’s something about small town bookshops that is so irresistibly charming.


Later on in the afternoon, we visited her favorite pizza place and ordered takeout so that we could continue to enjoy the beautiful weather. (Another confession: we ate at this place more than once over the weekend. Again, no regrets.)


The sun was gorgeous, but it was nice and breezy so it wasn’t too hot! I really don’t like being out when it’s boiling, so this was an amazing afternoon!


Post-pizza happiness. The sun is too bright in this photo to see the beach, but I promise it’s there!

After we ate, we went to watch a new Jane Austen movie at this indie-film theater. I’m not sure how we heard about it, but we’re both huge Jane Austen fans (we may have spent an embarrassing amount of time in our childhood reciting Pride & Prejudice to each other) and we were super excited to see a new movie adaptation to one of her books!

20160701_195152-01The film was based on “Lady Susan” and was, unexpectedly, hilarious! Not that Jane Austen isn’t humorous as a writer, but there was not “lovey-dovey” scenes in this entire film. It was just straight comedy and I loved every minute of it.


Also, the theater was PACKED full of retirees and I think that made this experience even more quaint. I’m definitely keeping this place in mind for future adventures!

I got a little caught up in having fun for the rest of the weekend, and forgot to document it with my camera! But it was more of the same relaxed, slow-paced adventuring that I so badly needed.

Saturday, we ate lunch and spent the afternoon with my parents before coming back to our apartment and cooking Colombian food with my roommate and drinking mojitos whil playing games. Then we spent most of Sunday boating on the lake with friends and finished it with a movie at home. I enjoyed every single moment and was so grateful for this time to spend with friends and family! I intentionally did not think about job hunting or finances or anything that was remotely related to adult worries.

Now, I’m ready again for reality 🙂


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