Hello! I’m Marthita. I’m a Californian at heart, but I’ve been living in southwest Michigan for the past 5 years! On days when I’m feeling homesick, I visit Lake Michigan and pretend it’s the Pacific (which usually works, unless we’re in the middle of our 5 months of winter…). But, in all honesty, I do love the area and I’ve met a ton of great people here!

I enjoy being outdoors, especially at the lake, whether we’re out on the water or just hanging out at the beach, but I also enjoy having a lazy afternoon indoors. I love to travel and explore new places (new countries, new cities, or even just new restaurants and coffee shops)!

Ultimately, it’s the smaller moments in life that have brought me the most joy. Things like having meaningful conversations over a cup of coffee or being able to laugh together over something funny (or even embarrassing) are the moments that make me feel closest to people.

I just finished my undergraduate course in December and since then I’ve moved out of my parent’s house, moved into an apartment with a roommate in a new city, and I’ve started working full time. I’m starting this blog to help me find a little bit of stability (sanity?) in the midst of all this change!


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